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About all sections

2010.11.28 Sun
Hello, my name is Fu.
I joined MP10 as a member of Make up & Costume section.
In MP11, I would like to work as one of the head members.

Today, let me introduce you about all the sections in MP11.
We have 6 kinds of sections and each of them plays particular important role.

In MP, normally we have “Joint Rehearsal” for about first 2 weeks with all members,
and after that, we separate into each sections and do their own jobs.

◆ Setting & Property
First, we share the images of each scene with drawing. Then put them into more concrete design like the settings on the stage.The point is the ideas! After we move to Kodaira(we, the make up & costume members and setting & property members move to Hitotsubashi university's Kodaira campus to work in March leaving other members), start buying the materials and making them, and continue designing the settings &properties.

The settings are so big and nobody carry it to the rehearsal place, so other members will see it on the performance day for the first time. It’s gonna be so exciting!

With Setting & Property, we put our imagination into the real stage. We make the whole world on the stage! Depends on the Setting & Property, the stage can be anything.

Make up & Costume
About costumes, first we share the color image of the characters, and start drawing costumes of each character. Then we share all ideas and make the best design. After we move to the Kodaira(same as setting & properties, we, the make up & costume members move to the working place in March), we start buying materials and sewing, and at the same time continue designing other characters.

About making up, at first we take pictures of all casts, and make the face plans. We learn how to do it, and we try them on the casts the performance day.

With Make up & Costume, we create any kinds of creations on the stage!
Only one costume or making up can make the cast live or dead. It’s worth the work.

◆ Light
First, we get the color films which we use for the light to know the real colors. Then we share the color image for each scene from the script. At that time, we have to consider the place and time of the scene. And, we start making a plan of the light. With seeing the rehearsal, we check the movements and lines of the casts, and we try to get the right timing for the light and find the best way of light. Sometimes, we go to the workshops of light. In MP, we have some professionals of stage light, so we can learn professional way. The work of making light plan lasts till right before the performance. Considering all costumes, settings, properties, casts, we decide the best way of light.

Through the light, we express the air of the scenes, or the feelings of the charactors. Every color has the meaning. Also, the light connects or divides everything on the stage. We give the light and dark.

◆ Sound
In sound section, we are in charge of Acoustic effect and control all kinds of Microphone. With deep communication with Musicians, we put all sounds in balance. In this work, we can learn professional particular skills of sound. For example, you can know how to use the microphone on the stage, or how to use particular machines behind the stage.
First we discuss about the acoustic effect of all scenes, and find the best sound for each scene. This work lasts till the performance day. At the same time, we get used to use all machines and make the planning sheets of microphone. To do this, we have to see the rehearsal all the time to know the direction and communicate with musicians.

Only one sound can make any place, or any time on the stage completely. Up to the sounds, the songs or lines reach the audience or not.

We practice the music at different place from the rehearsal place. Toward the run through once a week, we just keep on practicing. The important point is having a great chemistry with the casts. Mostly the chief or the professionals make the scores, but every one of musicians are needed and we don't have covers. We exhibit our originality.

Without musicians, the show doesn’t go on. We play the music, which is the most fascinating part in MP.

◆ Cast
First, we read all script to know the whole process of the play. Then take some training from the director, and try to memorize all dances and songs. Mostly we practice scene by scene. The directions and choreographs change frequently so it’s complicated, but we just continue practicing and promote better understanding till the performance day. The director is normally with casts and leads us.

We are the representations. We are the one who gather the thread of story.

Could you understand how to make the stage?
Every section has a lot of jobs to do and huge responsibility,
But every job is so creative and worths the work.

So, join us and let’s make the great stage with us!
We’ll welcome you anytime.

Thank you for reading,





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