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CAMP has done!!!

2011.03.28 Mon
Hi, this is Kahotsun! one of assistant stage managers:)
This is my 3rd year of MP, and each year has each precious moments.
I still find new wonderful aspects of MP this year.
And I really hope that this baton goes on and on and on...
(one of my dreams is to let my child and grandchild to join MP! haha)



on 24th, we finished the camp safely.
Each section has done really great work. Good job!
Especially, on 2nd day, we could have 1st Run Through!!! (kind of.lol)
and it was snowing out side at that time...
Recently, it was always snowing when we have R/T at camp!
I believe that Mr.Via (who is a founder of MP, he passed away in 2008) is watching over us.
I met him only once at MP08's performance.
His eyes were soooooo beautiful.
His smile was soooooo warm.
I'll never forget.



I can't express how MP is wonderful in words... but we'll show you on performance day,
so we would be very happy if you (yes, I mean YOU!) could come and feel our energy through our show.



after camp, we'll be working at different place by sections,
but we are always together!
We all work hard for the same one goal;)

Don't stop believing and enjoy each moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't stop believing and enjoy each moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!ね!!!

tons of love,

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2nd day of Camp!!

2011.03.23 Wed
Hello!!This is Flower,one of Assistant Directors!!
My real name is Hanako,that's why my nick name is Flower.lol
This is second year for me to join MP.
After last years performance,I decided joining MP11,and I was sooooo looking forward to starting MP11.
But unfortunately,so many things happen in this Japan.And we were really worried whether we can have performance or not...


Finally,we could have Camp!!




Sooooo,I wanna report about 2nd day of camp!!

In the mornig,we did warm up as usual with everyone,and Cast did scean practice.

Aaaaaand,after that,we practiced some songs with...Live Musicians!!!!

This is first time to practice with Live Musicians,so when they started playing instruments,we were so excited!!!
Too much!!We are annoyed 5 ADs!!(Director,Hisashi always complains us!Sorry!)


Then,after lunch,we had......1st Walk Through!!!Woooooo!!!!
What is "Walk Through??"
It is kind of Run Through which go through the play without stopping from the top till the end.
Walk Through means "sometimes might be stopped,but go through the play from the top till the end."
That was sooo interesting!

そしてお昼の後には…最初のWalk Throughをやりました!!ひゃっほい!!!!
"Walk Through"とは何か?


(Live Musicians practice!!I don't know why,every Live Musicians wears glasses,this year.lol)


And,finally we got T-shirt and Parka!!
This year's T-shirt is green and Parka is black!How cooooool!!!
Art,Aya-chan designed!!Great job!!Thank you!

In the evening,we had entertainment!(we call it "entate")
We separated 10 groups and created story with music which we will use in the performance.
Everyone was sooooo crazy.We could see everyone's new faces.
That was soooooo fun.lol


Through this camp,I really hope everyone's bond will be much stronger.
In this situation,we are facing so many difficulties.
But,I really want everyone to notice you are not alone.

Yes,life is hard.Communication is difficult.
But,Don't give up!!
We are with you all the time!!!
(hmmm...I'm not sure what I wantted to say...(^_^;)

Anyway!!thanks for your reading!!

Flower,Assistant Director

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2011.03.20 Sun
Hello! This is Fu!
i'm a chief of make up & costume section.


From yesterday, we started rehearsal again.
Some members couldn't come to the rehearsal because of transportation problems or for safety,
but many members came to the rehearsal even if they also have many apprehension.
I was really moved by their devotion to MP11! thank you.


Today, before we started rehearsal we prayed for people who are suffering from disaster.
we have to carry their hearts all the time.
actually i don't know what i can do for them or for our country, but as long as we have MP11,
i do believe that we can face to the reality and accept it, and take one small step for the future.

now every section's work has started!
every day, at the last circle we share what we did on that day. it's so exciting to know their works!
when i saw casts' performance today, i could see all casts were enjoying it from the bottom of their hearts.
they were so passionate and cheerful, i got much power from them.
i could imagine the real stage on performance day. i could believe that we can make it!!


believing one thing with everyone is quite difficult, but it's possible! i believe!
i can't wait performance day:)

thank you for reading.
keep on praying for people in danger.
all the best,


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After Joint Rehearsal

2011.03.08 Tue
Hi!! this is Kubomi(凹) I'm music manager of MP11.
MP has live musician, and live music!! It is really fun!!


Finally, Joint Rehersal is over.
from 2/21 kick off day, above 100 member are making effort to feel one & ”talk and listen”, and spend great time.

2月21日のキックオフの日から100人の超えるメンバーが、ひとつになること、そして「Talk and Listen」をする努力をし、素晴らしい時間を過ごしています。


through workshop, singing, dancing, script reading etc... we try to learn the essential part of MP, and Life.
what is talk and listen? what is to feel one above 100 menber?
How we are going to make good connection with every section cast,sound, light, setting and property, make up and costume, and live musician ?

There are no absolute answer, we have to explore to get own answer each by each.

「Talk and Listen」とは何か、100人を超えるメンバーがひとつになるとはどういうことか。



From now on, we will separate, but never forget we spend great time during JRh
and, this is the first step to make the great stage,



these 2 weeks, we realized how communication or making good connection is difficult.

The same time, how Life is difficult.




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The Last day of Joint Rehearsal (Mar.6)

2011.03.07 Mon
Hi!!! This is AD Keita.

Time flies so fast. Today was the last day of Joint Rehearsal.

We did the presentation of "GANTETZ DREAM" today.

What is "GANTETZ DREAM"?? Last week, we were divided into some groups and were given some scenes to prepare what kind of Setting/Costume/Lighting/Sounds etc. we should use in the scenes. Because each group has people from every section, it was a nice opportunity for all to think not only theirs but also about other sections' job. And today we did Run Through together, which means from the top to the end without stopping. We experienced other section's work with fun and many creative ideas came up which inspired us a lot!

From afternoon, we separated into Casts and Staffs for a couple of hours. While casts were being checked their singing and dancing, Staffs had a lecture from our great stage advisor Ozeki-san!!

After staffs came back we had a casting announcement and casts finally got their own precious roles.

Before ending this 2 week Joint Rehearsal, we finished by doing one of the workshops. It's the heart moving one, so I hope many of them got something through this last workshop.

From next time we are all gonna separate to concentrate on their jobs. It has passed so quickly and it is sad that Joint Rehearsal's over now.

"Tell Me And I Forget. Teach Me And I Remember. Involve Me And I Learn" - Benjamin Franklin

From now on, we are gonna start making stage. I know there will be hardship for all. And I know sometimes it will let you down. But we all have to remember that we aren't doing it alone. There are always someone next to you with the same goal. You are always needed. And through that we learn something.

So Let's keep believing! Feel one MORE!! And we gotta do much more than our best!!!

Assistant Director


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